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These files accompany the article "Threatening communication: a critical re-analysis and a revised meta-analytic test of fear appeal theory" by Peters, Ruiter & Kok (2012).

There is one file that is not available for download, because we used Google Documents - you can view it there. This is the spreadsheet we used for the screening of the publications references in previous reviews and for extracting descriptive data.

To replicate the analyses, you need the data file (.tsv) and the analysis file (.r). To replicate the analyses, download all files into the same directory, set this directory in the setwd() statement at the top of the 'analyses' file, and run the 'analyses' file, either by copy-pasting its contents into the R console, or by using the source() function. Note that we used the metafor package for the meta-analysis, and the RSvgDevice package to export the forest plots and funnel plots as scalable vector graphics (.svg).

The output you will get should be exactly the same as what is stored in the 'output' file, but of course if you run the analyses yourself you will easily be able to get additional results, because all relevant objects that were generated during the analysis are stored (see the analysis file).

These files are licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. When using this data, please cite the article and link to this page (